Tucked away in the heart of the port city of Bristol, England, just off Horsefair and Broadmead, sits a small edifice of little known significance. From here, the Wesley brothers launched a movement that would change the course of human history. They called it, “The New Room.”

Almost three centuries later, a growing wave of men and women believe the time has come for the movement to return to its deepest roots.
The New Room Conference is a gathering of men and women ready to recapture the Wesleyan vision for the Church in the 21st century.
On September 16-18, 2015, we will gather in Franklin, Tennessee, for the second annual
New Room Conference
After much prayerful discernment, we’ve determined that this gathering - what we intend to become a true Annual Conference - will be a decisively, unapologetically, creatively, Wesleyan gathering.

It’s time to get outside our denominational houses for a few days and gather around the bigger ideas that bind us together.

We’re bringing together a phenomenal cast of characters; some you’ll recognize, others you will meet for the first time.

Let’s revivify the pre-denominational movement for the post-denominational 21st century.

you come?
1. You are already planning to go to Catalyst.

OK - Sure, you can go to Catalyst. It will be an amazing, even better and more wowing version of what they did last year and the year before. But aren't you ready for something a little less famous, a little more risky, and a little less expensive?

2. You are concerned that the family fight afoot within United Methodism will swallow up the energy of the gathering.

This is a gathering for the Wesleyan Movement, with no focus on any particular denomination. There's sure to be a fair amount of scuttle butt in the hallways about the future of the United Methodist Church, but the main stage and conference hall is officially designated as a UM Angst No-Fly Zone.

3. You don't want to go to a conference where most of the presenters are not celebrities.

Ok, so we have a little bit of a chicken-egg challenge before us. We just don't have the pantheon of celebrities enjoyed by our Reformed brethren, BUT how are we ever going to establish new prominent voices unless we take some risks with our invitations and attention. And we will do well to remember, Jesus was not famous.

4. You can't afford it.

Because we know how much it costs to take a multi day road trip to even a close by land, we've made a few provisions. We are keeping the conference cost at a bargain basement price. We are doing the conference in a very accessible location - a 3 tour from just about anywhere in the south - and a low cost Southwest airlines flight away for the rest. We've negotiated a good hotel rate near the conference and we are opening up the grounds for some tent camping. We are covering a lot of the meals and all the snacks. And finally, if you still can't afford it, we have a few scholarships available. Let us know.

5. You aren't sure what a Wesleyan is and if you are or intend to be one.

A Wesleyan is nothing more nor less than a simple Scriptural Christian who joyfully affirms:

+I am a person of One Book. . . possessed of an infectious love for the Word of God with an unwavering confidence in its Divinely inspired truth, wisdom and authority.

+I follow Jesus Christ, my Savior, Lord and God. . . and I know he is able and willing to save anyone who will follow him from the law of sin and death at anytime in any place by any means of grace through faith.

+I depend on the Holy Spirit. . . to work through human relationships and faith communities to completely restore the image bearers of God to the mind of Christ, and to comprehensively remake us into the holy love of God for one another and the whole world.
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