“What a pure joy to spend the week at New Room Conference.
Personally, I've never been met by the Holy Spirit in such powerful ways than this week.”

Andrew Eberhart

Join us in creating a one-of-a-kind experience!

If you’ve been to New Room and have a heart for the community then you may be interested in volunteering options at this year’s conference.

By volunteering, you can help New Room Conference attendees experience God, be loved and valued, and find a community in which they want to invest.

There are two main ways you can volunteer: General Conference Support (hospitality, registrations, snacks, bookstore); or as part of the Prayer Team (for those with passion for prayer and have previous prayer ministry experience. Also includes a training session Wednesday morning, September 25 (8am-12pm).

Volunteers are eligible for reduced or free registration. Click the button below and let us know you’re interested! DO NOT REGISTER if you plan to volunteer. We will provide you with a discount code once confirmed.

General Conference