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Early rate


$219 for groups of 5+


Until June 15:


$249 for groups of 5+

Next Rate


$279 for groups of 5+

After June 15

Livestream Info

Church Online Platform:

With Church Online, you have the ability to engage in conversation and chat with other participants and make comments about the event in real time. This option also has auto closed captioning and auto translation into multiple languages. The link for the live stream is:


If you are wanting to play the livestream on your television through the YouTube app on Apple TV, Roku, or another Smart TV platform, this will be the best option for you. Once our stream goes live at 6:00pm CDT / 7:00pm EDT you can either use this link:  Night with New Room on YouTube OR you can search “Night With New Room” on your YouTube app.

New Room Website:

If you have any trouble with either of the above mentioned platforms, you can always watch on this page (