Mend | A Fellowship Retreat for Pastors

(and Vocational Ministry Leaders)

January 12, 19, and 26, 2023 (Thursdays 2-4pm CST)

MEND. To see the word is to feel the need. As Shepherds in the Kingdom of Jesus, we are constantly engaged in the Spirit’s work of mending broken hearts, homes, churches and cities. As a result, we constantly find ourselves in need of the mending of our own hearts, souls and spirits. Mending happens most freely in Koinonia—the fellowship of the Holy Spirit—with others who know the territory. Through a catalytic combination of teaching, training, and engagement with one another, this retreat will resource our great need for wisdom and courage, for healing and equipping, and all for the sake of our shared work of sowing for awakening in our age.

We will host Dr. Matthew Sleeth, M.D. who will guide us in a deep way of mending rest through our practice of Sabbath Keeping; Becky Tirabassi, a pastor, author, and mentor to leaders, who will walk with us into a profound way of mending prayer; and Dr. Mark Benjamin who will lead us into the establishment of the transformational micro-communities we call Bands. Expect to engage with David Thomas, J. D. Walt, Anna Grace Legband, Lo Alaman and others from the FarmTeam and wider fellowship.

YOU CAN EXPECT… to see the familiar faces of friends and to make new ones… to feast on the Word of God and drink deeply of the Holy Spirit… to learn at a gentle pace while taking on the easy yoke of Jesus… to be met by Jesus and mended in the deep places of the soul… to go forward with fresh takes on ancient practices… to press onward in the fellowship of a band.

INVESTMENT… With gratitude to our Seed Team of generous givers, we are keeping the financial investment at a low threshold to enable broad participation. The fee for an individual is $25 and limited scholarships are available on a need basis.

January 12, 19, 26, 2023 (Thursdays 2-4pm CST)