The Epic of Eden: Deborah, Unlikely Heroes and the Book of Judges

Led by Sandra Richter

The newest Epic study is here! The hero? Judge and prophetess, Deborah, and her courageous commander, Barak.

In this pre-conference gathering, Sandy Richter will run us through the core of her new curriculum, asking the questions: “What is the territory that you can see from where you’re standing that you know belongs to the Kingdom of God, but is not yet in the hands of the people of God? Is it worth fighting for? And what are we going to do about it? Sandy will walk us through the real time and space of the era of Israel’s settlement, the structure of the book of Judges, and the profile of our heroine.

Be encouraged and strengthened by this story of courage and conquest that stands as a critical turning point for God’s people then and can serve as a critical turning point for God’s people now. The cast of characters is full of unlikely leaders. The crisis is insurmountable. The odds are impossible. And, yet, God shows up! This is a moment when the very real past of the people of God collides with the very needy present of the people of God, and forces us to ask ourselves the same question Yahweh asked of the Israelites: Is this territory worth fighting for? Or is it easier to just give up … and assimilate?”

Note: Session members will receive a free copy of Sandy’s new curriculum.