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Mutual Ministry

Awakening Effective Partnerships for Men and Women In Ministry

Part of sowing for a great awakening means unleashing all sowers and harvesters to labor for the Kingdom. There is a growing urgency to raise up global leaders among men and women who are gifted and called.

Peter Pereira says India will be won by its women. This same dynamic is quietly at work all over the world, and perhaps even in your own community. Women are being quietly prepared through Bible studies, band meetings and healing prayer to lead the church into this next great awakening. How can we best prepare them for the coming global awakening? Who can you encourage? How does effective, responsible mentoring work across gender lines? Join Carolyn Moore, Andrea Summers and Sacred Alliance to identify best practices and resources to help bridge the gap and prepare both men and women for a great awakening.

Carolyn Moore, founding pastor of Mosaic Church in Evans, Georgia
Andrea Summers, professor and director of SACRED ALLIANCE, a center that helps women discover their calling and strengthen their leadership

Band or Sand

Establishing Banded Discipleship in the Local Church

What Are Discipleship Bands? How are they different from traditional small groups? What role do they play in awakening? Join Mark Benjamin and J.D. Walt from the Seedbed team, along with Jon Wiest, the Multiplication Pastor at Trinity Church Indianapolis, and some other very special guests for this practical yet visionary session on implementing the strategy of banded discipleship in the local church.

Mark Benjamin, Seedbed’s director of connecting
J.D. Walt, Seedbed’s sower-in-chief and writer of daily online devotion, The Daily Text
Jon Wiest, multiplication pastor at Trinity Church Indianapolis

Exploring the Church Planting Revolution

Are you interested in church planting, but don’t know where to begin? This workshop will help answer foundational questions about the whats and whys of church planting. Rather than presenting models or programs, you will learn essential seeds for understanding the process of planting a new church. This session will offer helpful insights for those who are exploring the exciting world of church planting.

Winfield Bevins: author and director of church multiplication for New Room
Jay Moon: professor of church planting and evangelism at Asbury Theological Seminary

Jesus, the Spirit, and You

Becoming open to the Holy Spirit begins by acknowledging the way in which Jesus himself was filled with and dependent on the Spirit. This intimate connection between Jesus and the Spirit becomes a model for every Christian—not just a select few. By looking at the biblical evidence, and not glossing over the parts that make us uncomfortable, we can begin to appreciate the supernatural work that God wants to do in us. Learning from the life of Jesus, the early church, and several powerful movements of God in history can awaken us to the rich, Spirit-saturated faith that God wants to become normal in his church.

Scot McKnight, Bible scholar, speaker, and author

Everyday Supernatural

Living a Spirit-led Life Without Being Weird

As Christians, we believe in the power of God. As pastors, we preach on it and pray for it. But why can so few churches actually show the watching world real examples of a supernatural God working in our lives? With unique passion for college students and millennials, Mike Pilavachi offers an engaging, biblical invitation to experiencing the love and power of God in everyday life. This breakout will explore how to use spiritual gifts as everyday tools, ways to orient our habits around dependence on the Holy Spirit, and other practical ideas for prayer that are all grounded consistently with Scripture.

Mike Pilavachi, author and evangelist, founder and leader of Soul Survivor In the U.K.
David Thomas, executive director of New Room

“One Generation Will Commend Your Works to Another”

Prayer and the American Campus

“Travailing prayer is not the only thing we do to sow for a great awakening. But it is the first thing, and the most important thing.” This core commitment of New Room is expressed in many contexts and groups, but perhaps by none more passionately than college students today. They are a rising generation that faces the frontline of cultural upheaval every day, seeing more clearly than others, from the vantage point of the American campus, the pressing need for an outpouring of the holy love of God. In this breakout—incorporating worship, teaching, and prayer, and drawing from real stories and tested practices—we will press into our hopes for a new generation. Bring your desire for awakening and your love for young leaders, and join us for this session.

Bob Beckwith, director of the Wesley Foundation at the University of Georgia
Kevin Queen, former campus and teaching pastor at 12Stone Church and current lead pastor of CrossPoint Church in Nashville

Alpha as a “Trojan Horse” of Awakening

Creating Church Cultures Where People Meet Jesus

Over 20 million people around the world have been on The Alpha Course, widely seen now as one of the most effective tools of evangelism in our day. What many have experienced, however, is how Alpha can often—and surprisingly—result in more, introducing an awakening culture to a community. If you are looking for a proven, accessible process for engaging our generation with the Gospel, come to this session and explore how Alpha creates a context of hospitality, empathic listening, lay empowerment, and reliance on the Holy Spirit.

Todd Proctor, Church Networks Director of Alpha USA
Christian Selvaratnam, leader of G2, a church plant in York and head of Church Planting and Engagement for Alpha UK and Europe

Jesus Pioneers

The Church on the Frontiers of Mission

The essential call of discipleship is to follow Jesus. And where does he lead us? Out on mission, sent to make more disciples. He blazes a trail to the margins of society and the frontiers of the Kingdom. But these frontiers might not be as far away as you think. Jesus has called you. Will you dare to follow?

This session will explore what it means to be the ‘called out ones’ and how to recapture that pioneering spirit of our movement again. You will encouraged by stories and strategies from the front lines.

Matt LeRoy, author and pastor of Love Chapel Hill
Andy Miller III, sixth generation Salvation Army officer
Abby Miller, Salvation Army Captain

Practicing the Preaching Life

Sermons can emerge from a life of ministry in beautiful and sustainable ways. Instead of being a prime reason for burnout, peaching can become part of a thriving Christian life. This session helps pastors make sermons, faith, ministry, and life all interconnect in one holistic vision. Ministers will discover deep and practical guidance for helping sermons emerge sooner, easier, more creatively, and with a deeper spirituality.

Dave Ward, pastor, preacher, and professor at Indiana Wesleyan University