“For me, these three days were a reentering and reawakening of a deep desire for a intimacy with God.”

Kenny Ott

Taking Jesus Seriously

Todd Hunter

Jesus, in his words and deeds, seemed focused on one thing: the in-breaking of God’s kingdom, God’s loving and wise rule and reign among humanity. Announcing, demonstrating and embodying God’s kingdom is what gave coherence to Jesus’ life and ministry. It is the focus and spirit that underlie statements such as: “I only do what I see my Father doing” and “I only say what I hear my Father saying.” This breakout seeks a fresh hearing for Jesus and sets forward a way to respond to what we hear.

Reviving Evangelism

Craig Springer

There is no question that the landscape for sharing faith is rapidly changing. The 2019 release of Reviving Evangelism, a joint study from the Barna Group and Alpha USA, reveals key findings of cultural shifts in how evangelism is perceived and experienced in the U.S. across generations and faith backgrounds. Craig Springer, Alpha USA’s executive director, will unpack the study and how we can address the adjustments in our culture with shifts in how we share our faith and restructure our evangelism strategies in churches across the country.

A Revolution of Holiness

Miriam Swaffield and Kevin Mannoia

The awakening we seek is one of deep wholeness in people. Yet we live in a day when human personhood and community are deteriorating and under siege. In this breakout, Kevin Mannoia and Miriam Swaffield will invite us to reclaim our hope in facing the brokenness of our moment with a fresh and revolutionary call to holiness. Kevin Mannoia, a former Free Methodist bishop, is Chaplain of Azusa Pacific University and founder of the Wesleyan Holiness Connection, which brings together leaders from across the pan-Wesleyan community. Kevin has devoted his life to the missional and transformational impact of Christian wholeness. Miriam Swaffield is the Global Student Mission Leader for Fusion, a UK-based ministry aimed at bringing the Gospel to today’s university students through churches. Based in Middlesborough, England, Miriam is passionate about this generation sharing Jesus in both the way they speak and live. Come to this session for a new vision of the radical, life-giving effect of holy love.

5Q: Activating the Capacity and Intelligence of the Body of Christ

Alan Hirsch

The church is finally waking up to the potentials that have been latent in the Body of Christ since the Ascension and with system changing effect. Explore with Alan Hirsch ways to understand and activate APEST (apostles, prophets, evangelists, shepherds, and teachers) in the life of your congregation or organization.

Advancing the Kingdom of God
by Making Disciples

Jack Deere

Jesus’ method for advancing his kingdom is through making disciples. He picked twelve people to be with him, and he taught them how to preach, heal and drive out demons (Mark 3:13-15). After his resurrection, he commanded his apostles to make disciples. We make disciples by loving those who follow us and teaching them to love what Jesus loved. Jack will explain the practical steps to becoming a disciple-making church today.

The New Mission Field

Trends in Evangelism, Church Planting and Mission

Winfield Bevins and Daniel Yang

With the rise of the religious nones, North America has become one of the fastest growing mission field in the world. Join Winfield Bevins and Daniel Yang as they share the latest trends and strategies in evangelism, church planting and mission. This workshop will help equip you to do mission in this emerging mission context.

Deep Roots, Wild Branches

Re-missioning Your Church for New Life

Michael Beck

Every community is a unique ecosystem. The blended ecology way is about vintage and fresh modes of church working together in life-giving synergy. Existing congregations planting fresh expressions of church are experiencing forms of revitalization from the outside in. This workshop will offer practical tools for re-missioning congregations for the new missional frontier.

How To Pray

A Simple Guide for Normal People

Pete Greig

The most downloaded devotional in Nicky’s Gumbel’s vastly popular ‘Bible in One Year’ is the one entitled ‘How to Pray’. This is the question that our congregations are asking more than any other. In this interactive session Pete Greig distils the lessons he has learned from twenty years of 24-7 Prayer, and the insights gleaned from extensive travel, to equip and encourage you in raising the sea-level of prayer in your churches.


The Role of the Holy Spirit in Real Life

Rica McRoy

​Our lives are largely comprised of seemingly mundane experiences. These quiet, ordinary moments become the primary backdrop for the transforming work of the Holy Spirit. A Spirit-filled life is not meant to be an elusive mystery, but rather a practical reality. This breakout equips participants with avenues to access the reality of the Holy Spirit in everyday life.

Engaging the Culture as the Creative Minority

Jon Tyson

The topics are too thorny.  The intellectual terrain is loaded with tripwires. The emotional atmosphere has become clouded with suspicion and division. So in our fractured moment, how is an awakened leader to create conversations into which God could speak? Jon Tyson tackles the challenge of engaging our culture in this breakout session, inviting Christ-followers to take up the posture and identity of redemptive participation in our world.  Originally from Australia, Jon moved to the United States more than two decades ago with a passion to cultivate renewal in the Western Church. He is now based in Manhattan where he pastors Church of the City as a teacher known for his rare fusion of passion and depth. Jon calls Christians today to embrace the vocation of creative minority, those Jesus believed could be of vast, reviving influence in a dominant, deteriorating culture. Come to this discussion of what it looks like to become a part of the catalytic core of an awakening movement.

Discipleship Bands

A Model for Depth Discipleship

Mark Benjamin and J. D. Walt

Discipleship Bands are groups of 3-5 people who read together, meet together, and prayer together to become the love of God for one another and the World. Bands are all about creating a safe and honest relational context where we can grow as disciples of Jesus. Come join Seedbed founder JD Walt and New Room Conference Director Mark Benjamin and learn more about this model and how to begin to implement this in your church or ministry.  Topics will include – Why we band? What is a band? How to get started, along with the 7 commitments a discipleship Band, sustaining growth as a band,  and the launch of our brand new App.

Seedbed Kids

Exploring Trackers Curriculum

Micah Smith

Trackers of Truth is a curriculum designed by Seedbed Kids to develop the basics of Christianity in our children, instilling in them a knowledge of where truth is found, examples of Biblical Trackers of truth, and a desire to seek truth for themselves. If you’ve been looking for strong, biblical teaching for your children’s ministry, join Micah Smith from Seedbed and select leaders of “Trackers churches” to take a detailed dive into a lesson and hear how Trackers is making a difference for children, families, and ministries across the country.

The ABC’s of Healing Prayer and Hearing God

Steve Seamands, Bud Simon,
Peg Hutchins, and Mark Nysewander

Altar ministry helps others encounter the Holy Spirit. People come as a response to teaching or worship seeking healing and deliverance. This teaching will focus on practical aspects of prayer ministry, healing prayer and sharing the word gifts (prophetic, wisdom, knowledge, etc.) with others. It will also address an ethic of prayer ministry which centers attention on the Holy Spirit and providing guidelines for those serving in these areas. Come get behind the scenes training from the same dynamic team which trains our Altar Ministry Prayer Team at New Room Conference.