A Fellowship of
Worship Leaders RETREAT

MARCH 23-25, 2023

We don’t need more stages and studios.
We need ALTARS.

Our hope is not in platforms and pulpits.
Our moment calls for ALTARS.

Altars are what we as worship leaders have been called by God to build for His people. And that’s a vocation too holy, too challenging, to be done in isolation.

Bound together by a desire to faithfully lead worship toward an awakening, you are invited to this inaugural retreat of The Fellowship of Worship Leaders.

Join us in a place of encounter and prayer, in a context of fire and communion. Sourced and expanding out from the New Room family, Altars will initiate a friend group that redefines the meaning of “worship band.” This will be a fellowship founded in the trust, courage, and empathy, a community of banded discipleship in which all generations and styles are welcome.
You’re being invited, not to attend another conference, but to get your hands into the shaping of a unique koinonia where artists of different kinds meet with God to be healed and refreshed and to explore the skills of Spirit-assisted leadership.

ALTARS will be a crossroads of new relationships and theological vision, a gathering of thirsty Christians who desire to cultivate that thirst in our great Redeemer’s praise. We’re after a kind of sacramental life and consecration in worship that God could inhabit for a great awakening.

Be a part of this launch event with us.

David Thomas
Lo Alaman
J. D. Walt
Dan Wilt
Brenna Bullock
Mark Swayze
Josh Lavender
Jonathan Powers
Mark Benjamin
and more


Time for Connection and Fellowship

Your Calling as a Worship Leader

What is Awakening—
and What Part Does Worship Play?

How Do We Pastor Encounters with God?

What is the Role of a Worship Leader?

Christ & Our Worship Theology

Times of Healing and Prayer Ministry

Commissioning and Blessing


Facing Ministry Challenges

Worship Planning for Today’s Worship Leader

Leading An Effective Worship Set

Song Selection

Establishing New Communities of Worship

and many more!


Meals provided: Thursday Dinner, Friday Lunch
Purchase dinner from food trucks on Friday

Register as early as possible as space is limited!