2022 Pastor's RETREAT

The Domino Effect

Pursuing the Heart of Awakening

January 17 - March 3

The legendary Bono, of the famed rock band U2, penned perhaps the most fitting lyrics for the times in which we find ourselves when he wrote,

"Now you're stuck in a moment
and you can't get out of it."

History reports on the time one hundred years ago as the Roaring Twenties. I suspect, a hundred years hence the twenties of the twenty-first century might be called the “Goring Twenties.”

The Shepherds of the Kingdom have felt this like few others have experienced. We all have colleagues who are looking for something else to do with their life and time. Some of us are those colleagues.

Either way, we all find ourselves stuck in a moment that we can’t get out of. And isn’t that precisely the nature of the Cross of Jesus. He entered this moment with us and he has never left.

Our sense of the moment is Jesus wants us to find and embrace him in one another like never before. That’s what this Fellowship of Awakening Leaders Retreat for Pastors will be all about this year. We will laugh and cry together—mourn and rejoice— as we contemplate and consecrate ourselves to what is now and prepare for the unknown next.

In this year’s Retreat, we will feature two rich content streams.

morning check-in

In the morning sessions J.D. Walt will walk with us through The Domino Effect, J.D.’s Daily Text series on Paul’s letter from prison to the Colossian Church. These sessions begin on Monday, January 17 at 7am (CST) and run through the last week of the retreat.

weekly ministry

Every Thursday (starting Jan. 20) we will gather on Zoom from 2:00 to 4:00pm CT. The Thursday afternoon sessions will cohere around the theme of The Heart of Awakening, pursuing a series of conversations built around the heart-cry of David. “Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.” Psalm 51:10 David Thomas, Awakening Leader and Senior Advisor to Seedbed and New Room, will serve as host, facilitator and contributor in each of the afternoon sessions.



Poet Laureate @ Seedbed

Mark benjamin

New Room Conference Director, Seedbed

Kevin Brown

President of Asbury University

Angela Chadwick

National Prayer Coordinator for Alpha USA

Andy CroucH

Author of The Tech-Wise Family


Pastor of Hope Church Midtown (NYC)

Jessica lagrone

Dean of Chapel at Asbury Seminary,
Author of Broken and Blessed

Tara Beth Leach

Pastor, Author of Radiant Church

Greg Poland

Distinguished Investigator of the Mayo Clinic
Director, Mayo Vaccine Research Group

steve seamands

Author, Spiritual Director

Matthew Sleeth

Speaker and Author of Hope Always

dee stokes

Spiritual Advisor, Coach, Speaker

david thomas

Senior Advisor to New Room

j. d. walt

Seedbed Sower-in-Chief
Author of The Seedbed Daily Text

Dan wilt

Learning Communities Director @ Seedbed
Author of Sheltering Mercy

guest lineup subject to change


schedule subject to change

January 20

Creating a Culture of Encouragement

This session will deal with the necessity of fellowship for the essential ministry of encouragement. We will engage the practices of Banded Discipleship and other strategies for sustaining courage in one of life’s most difficult callings through the most challenging season in a generation.

with J. D. Walt and Mark Benjamin

January 27

Recovering Our Minds

Core ideas ranging from our intake of media, distraction and focus, right-sizing our expectations and thinking, repentance and mentality, mental tenacity and more.

with Lo Alaman, Jessica LaGrone, and Matthew Sleeth

February 3

Engaging Our Emotions

Core ideas ranging from buffering and numbness, anxiety, panic, and depression, self-awareness, humility, therapy, anger, spiritual warfare, safe contexts, marriage and family, the young, the role of the church.

with Andy Crouch, Drew Hyun, and Tara Beth Leach

February 10

Offering Our Bodies

Core ideas ranging from sleep, sabbath, wakeful rest, exercise, water, alcohol, food, processing stress, sexual purity, medication, etc.

with Kevin Brown, Greg Poland, and Dee Stokes

February 17

Renewing Our Spirit

Core ideas ranging from prayer, Holy Spirit, means of grace, anointing and vocation, practices and disciplines, deliverance, gifts, travail and boldness.

with Angela Chadwick and Steve Seamands

join us

January 17 - February 17, 2021

Because of the generous support of the Seedbed community—who loves and believes in you—we’re able to offer this retreat at much less than our cost to produce it. Our donors have sponsored this program to bring the price from $149 down to just $49.

(And if $49 is still out of your reach currently—
we have a scholarship option available for you!)