“I attended NR for the first time this year! WOW, still trying to process all I heard, saw and experienced. The love of God and people filled each and every space used. The Holy Spirit at work and how he intricately wove every part and piece of the conference is more than amazing. As someone who was looking for more, I found it. I have already purchased next years ticket and I am inviting everyone I share with. I have a feeling I will be working out the logistics for several groups. BTW, J.d said this is a no frills conference. I beg to differ. We were well taken care of and spoiled. What as awesome time with God’s people!”
– Debbie M.

“This conference has been healing and super energizing for me. Even though I have experienced this to predominantly be a gathering of conservative Christian community, it has refreshingly been a gathering worshipers in love with God, his people, and his purposes. I have slowly been able to let down my guard, no one here has made this a platform to throw punches, the Spirit continues to soften my heart, and I am overwhelmingly experiencing the intensity of the warm, humble, and repentant spirit pervading this place. I am being transformed.”


“I was chuckling in my spirit when J.D. said New Room is not a Minister’s Conference. It sure is for me! This week I’ve been refreshed, encouraged, challenged and I’ve learned things I take back to my church and use with God’s help.  In other words, God has used New Room to help me follow Him better.”
– Robert M.


“Thank you and the whole team for all you did to make New Room so wonderful. The organization of the event was awesome, easy to understand and so hospitable!”
– Peggi B.
“Thank you so much for your vision and obedience to the Holy Spirit for this place. It truly is a blessing to my soul. Love you brothers and sisters and praying for you as you push back the darkness.”
– Jonathan W.
“Thank you for all you have done in obedience to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in providing a time of true worship, transforming teaching, healing prayer and holy revival for my soul.”
– Bonnie C.
“Thank you for facilitating an excellent catalytic environment for a Holy Spirit-led and powerful beginning. I am thrilled to be able to be a part of it.”
– Lavon G.
“What an absolutely AMAZING, AWESOME and PROFOUND experience!! Truly!!”
– Patti P.
“New Room is kingdom come! Thanks for all the hours of effort to prepare and present a moment in time I’ll never forget.”

– Philip V.

“I am still unraveling the impact fully but God was so mightily there through His Spirit and I thank Him for the experience.”

“The Lord filled me with so much joy, over these last 4 days, that I was physically affected. I’ve been physically affected by worrying to the point I have a stomach ache/chest pain. But I have not been physically affected by joy. This joy was all consuming! I was in a bubble of joy! Some of the physical changes that came over me from these 4 days of overwhelming joy were: wholeness and health (all aches and pains were gone), increased metabolism (I had to go power walk to burn off energy, NOT like me), and physical strength that I haven’t felt in years and years! Those are just some of the changes. But my body was behaving so different from what I’m used to that I actually started wondering if there was something physically wrong with me. But I couldn’t logically come up with what that could even be!!!! (It was a little like taking steroids, without the anger/hunger). This joy lasted 4 days! Mentally, it did many things. I was not afraid to openly worship, or to speak a word.”
– Laura F.


“Thanks to the organizers, and much more to our savior. The last 18 months have been so difficult- so many deaths, illness, so many staying home in fear. The outpouring of grace and love reduced me to tears so many times (and I don’t cry easily). I go home now eager for the chance to preach the Word on Sunday. Thank you Father, Son, and Holy Spirit! ” 
– Dan B.

The Stats

2200 In-Person Registrations

640 Livestream Participants

5,557 messages sent in Conference App

933 total hours of conference video streamed

1,500 bottles of anointing oil filled

5,000 cups of coffee consumed

Over 9,000 snacks eaten

10 Plenary Sessions

12 Breakouts


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